Fides Network exists to support Private Equity houses by providing services that contribute directly to the sustainable business growth of their portfolio companies.

The ‘active ownership’ approach described by the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) refers to a model in which the private equity manager works alongside the portfolio company’s management team to significantly enhance the value in the business.

To quote the BVCA website directly: “This can involve all areas of operation, from the top-line growth, efficiency savings, cash generation and procurement, to supply-chains, marketing and sales, improving reporting and human resources.”

To put the role of the Fides Network into context, its remit spans each of these key functional areas, working alongside Private Equity houses to provide a complete Managed Services infrastructure that can be tailored to meet specific objectives and requirements.

This level of access to specialist advisors, resources, knowledge and expertise enables PE houses to deliver accelerated innovation and value for their clients with a secure and trusted supply-chain.

Contact Mike Symes to discuss how Fides Network can support you and your portfolio companies to accelerate value creation and improve operational and asset performance.